Floral/Fruity Notes: Potent blend of lemon, rose, Caribbean spice rum, licorice and sweet vanilla. Finished with a solid base of sweet tropical mango, ripe grapefruit and delicious creamy coconut.

T.O.Story: One of the joys of my teenage life was living, chilling and working on Eglinton West (FKA Little Jamaica) in Toronto's west end. I worked at a little record store named Channel Two Records. There I sold LPs and 45s to the local DJs and Reggae enthusiasts. I remember having to memorize instrumentals for my clients set transitions. Such a vibrant time in my musical life. Being West Indian, it was the only neighborhood that felt like back home excluding the freezing cold of course. This scent is for my domino players, the shattas, my red stripe drinkers, rastas and dj's that added color to my world and of course my darling Lucians. Big up your self!