"K" of the S.K.Y.L.A Mist collection is for "Kisses" oh sweet kisses. Ladies I created this fragrance with lust and passion in mind. After-all, don't we all deserve a sweet kiss? This sweet blend of chocolate, crushed almonds, fresh powder with a touch of exotic flowers are sure to turn heads as you walk away. This light sweet treat  is versatile and subtle enough to spray in your hair for a quick refresher, on your linens for the extra boost and of course you body after a shower/bath. Entice your senses with the "K" Mist today.

Our mists have contain the following; essential oils, fragrance, essence water and distilled water. That being said you may need to give the bottle a little shake and spray as the essential oils tend to settle.Thank you. 

Y.L.A Mists coming soon!